The Reminder

So not much to say about today. The same things happened as usual. I woke up, I went to school, I came home, and now I’m writing. Writing has become a daily thing. I don’t post 80% of the things I write just because it’s really deep and long. Every single night I somehow write a 1000-2000 word page out of nowhere. I don’t know how I do it but writing has come easy to me.  I just pull up a new word document and I start typing. I just type my exact thoughts and I don’t hold anything back. That leaves me with really long pages.

Has anybody ever criticized something that you do and you change that thing so they will like you? Yea, I do that and every time I change they always ask me why I changed. When I tell them I changed because they didn’t like it they get mad and tell me not to change over them. Like that confuses me so much because they didn’t like it to begin with and now they don’t like that you did what they told you to do. I guess that’s the way people are now a days. They don’t know how to make up their mind.

I wonder how many people read my writing. Like I wonder if there is somebody out there who reads my journal every single day. There are 82,000 people on this site to there has to be somebody reading my things. Idk, maybe not. There are a few people on this page that I read every day just because I admire their thoughts and the things they say.

So my teacher gave us very little homework tonight and that makes me soooo happy. That just means I can do the thing I have so deeply wanted to do…sleep

I have a reminder on my iPhone set to remind me to write something. At 7pm my time the site starts a new day. So I set a reminder at 6 my time so if I do forget I have a little bit of time to type something. The best feeling is when I get the notification and I know I already have something up and posted. 

3 thoughts on “The Reminder”

  1. I think it’s amazing that you can write 1000-2000 words a day–I envy that, if only because I dream of being a writer, yet can never manage to write a nice amount in one sitting. And there are people reading–just because they don’t comment, doesn’t mean they don’t read what you write!

  2. Nice pic you posted. This is the first or second thing I have read from you. It’s hard to keep up on here and there are so many things people post about. Maybe you will be a writer someday. People can just think of lots of things to post that fly out the mind. Sign of a creative mind.

  3. It’s crazy how I can relate to you so much! I come home eveyday from school and I can’t go to sleep without writing … a couple of pages haha. That’s true. Sometimes you forget who you were in the beginning. These experiences, somehow, they are molding you to be you. I hate experiences but they are good because I learn so much from them. I do that to. I read other people’s writing because I kinda feel close to them. It’s nice.

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