(Trying not to forget this dream by morning)

I could feel my lips getting colder as I lay in that hospital bed. The grip on my chest loosened. The agony stopped. I was free, floating above it all. As I’m rising I turn to see them crying… No. They’re laughing. Celebrating a future without a burden. I don’t blame them.

Scenery changes as I’m suddenly walking along the beach on what I think is a late summer-night shore. The waters hot. Too hot. Too thick. Its.. tar? I’m still not sure what it was supposed to be. I’m sinking into it with every stride I take yet I’m stupidly happy. Just walking and talking to a stranger beside me without a care. He/She starts screaming. I’m still laughing. Sinking. Then I hear my name being called and back to reality I return.

Not sure if it even means anything but it’s sure as hell different from the dreams I’ve been having lately… When I do dream that is.

One thought on “(Trying not to forget this dream by morning)”

  1. creepy…look up dream websites to find out the meaning of ur dream. and ru really in the er or was that a part of ur dream. if ur in the er i hope u feel better im so sorry ur in the er i will say prayers…

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