4~08~2015 Wednesday

Dear Diary 4~08~2015, say goodbye to the last early release wednesday. Due to the EOCs (end of course exams). I know Im going fail math EOC, i didnt learn one thing in math for the whole year. Im unteachable in math. Easter was ok, but as im getting older the presents seem to aggravate me, because i dont want people to spend their money on me. Also lately i have been having issues with my parents for example if i mess up my dad would say im a f*ck up, or “dont f*ck with me again”, or “u always cause issues”. Also my step mom has been trying to wedge between me and my brothers. In past she would say “dont hang out around her cuz shes dark”, and now she has my brothers saying “when im older im going to beat u up”. Also she has been saying “the boys say its more peaceful when ur gone”, and “i dont know why u cant live ur mother”. So yeah 🙁 Also today ur school announced a kid from ur school died april third.

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