Hearing Voices After Doing EVP

Hi Anyone who may find this,

My name is Brian, I’m in my late 30’s and I live near the shore in Southern New Jersey.  I’m writing this journal in a sense for myself, to tell my story, to keep a record of my thoughts, but also if anyone else ever finds themselves in the same strange situation that I have gotten myself into, then I think that it’s important for them to know that they are certainly not alone in what they are experiencing.

My story is a strange one to say the least. It involves hearing voices on a daily basis now and experiencing bizarre physical sensations and even what I can describe sometimes as physical attacks by what I believe are unseen spiritual or extra-dimensional forces. This bizarre situation started for me in the winter of 2015 and has been something that I have lived with on a day to day basis ever since.

Just a bit of background. I have always had what you could say was an on/off interest in all things paranormal. For many years I would occasionally read a book about hauntings or I was fond of watching the popular “ghost hunting” shows on television. But interest in the paranormal was always passing for me, it came and it went. It wasn’t until early in January 2015 that I ever did any sort of “active” investigation into the paranormal.  The means of this active investigation was my brief experimentation with EVP or the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP was something that I had seen done numerous times on the paranormal television shows. I owned a digital recorder so it seemed like a simple way for me to start off my venture with personal investigation into the unknown.

I did my first EVP session during the first week of January 2015. I did this EVP session alone in my own home. I know that there is much material written about never doing anything like this in your own home, but I suppose that at the time I was just being impatient, just rushing to try it out. The results of my first EVP session were disappointing, I heard nothing when I played back the recording. However, I had read up a bit on this subject and had heard that it was something that you often had to put a little effort into. So I kept at it for about two weeks. Then everything changed in the early afternoon of January 17th, 2015.

That afternoon, I performed an EVP session, again, alone in my own home. My results from the previous two weeks of recording was that I had basically captured nothing that I would describe as unusual and certainly not paranormal during my recording sessions. But that afternoon, everything changed. During one session, I asked three questions and captured numerous intelligent responses to each of my questions.

The first question I asked was: Do you like this room, are you ok in this room?

on playback I  had captured a very high pitched female voice that said “I like it in this room”

followed by a very deep male voice that said “OK”

The second question I asked was: Do you like it when I play music in this room. On playback, there was a whispery but unmistakable reply that said “NO”

For my third question I asked: What’s the name of the dog downstairs?

on play back I heard the same deep male voice say “Jenny”, then the same high pitched female voice (though a bit fainter this time) could be heard saying “it’s Jenny”. Then a clear male voice was heard to say “Chris”

That first time listening to that recording was a life changing moment for me to say the least. The reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks.

This was real, I kept thinking to myself, I was not imagining this, I had really captured these voices on my recording. They were not background noises or stray radio signals, they answered my questions with intelligent responses.

After the success of that afternoons recording, I was pulled in further by my curiosity (and unfortunately the fact that I was very naïve about the risk). I was soon doing EVP sessions at home on a more frequent basis , to the point where it became a regular routine in my life for a brief time.

I’ll write more of my background story next, there’s allot to cover before I get to how my life has been these days.

I just want to quickly say, that my personal experimentation with EVP only lasted about two months before it became a total and complete nightmare, something you’d see in a horror movie. The purpose of this journal is in no way to promote dabbling in this area….far from it, I’m lucky to have escaped the worst of it alive. If anything, I hope the story that I will be telling here will serve as a warning to others that there are very real and life altering dangers involved with attempting to peak behind the veil and capture evidence of it.

I will follow up this brief introduction with more into the background of my story and how I came to hear voices that I believe are spiritual in origin on a constant basis, for the most part cruel and tormenting, but on occasion very positive and inspiring.



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