How Quickly Life Changes

Yesterday was a day of harsh, emotional changes. The day started off well when I awoke with determination and excitement when I decided to push to make a dream of mine come true. I decided to write a book. A fictional story of 2 couples who live next to each other and the wife of one of them discovers a secret about her next door neighbors that peeks her interest and uncovers a deep sexual desire within her. I started an outline of the chapters and developing characters and names. I was looking to develop a working titles when I got a text from my ex wife asking if I was home. She showed up a few minutes later and proceeded to tell me that she had secretly married in December and they were moving well over an hour away, taking our 13 year old daughter with. I was devastated but did my best to control my emotions even though I wanted to lash out at her for not being up front with me. I had been told just last week they were planning a late June wedding so mentally I was preparing for that time table. She is not going to keep our daughter from me but the distance will make it a lot more difficult to spend time with her. My schedule can change day to day and the current flexibility was nice. Now it will have to be more planned out which could be tough some weeks. I just wasn’t ready for this change yet and was very hurt that she kept the marriage hidden from me. I shouldn’t have been surprised and she has always been deceptive when it comes to things. I have been dealing with it all day now.

On another area, I have been talking with a submissive for a week now. We have developed a strong connection in a short period of time. she is not in a good situation but I am trying hard to keep personal feeling out of it and concentrate on helping her achieve both personal and sexual desires. She has needed someone who can be selfless and I feel I can be that person. She brings out the Dominant in Me and makes it easy for me to help her. she excites me both mentally and sexually though I know chances are slim we will ever meet in person but I enjoy spending time texting and talking on the phone. I look forward to hear from her every day. I will continue to try to fulfill both our needs to the best of My ability as a Dominant.

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