It’s crazy

Dear Diary So much has happened I had a boyfriend Name Gavin and he met the world to me , he was the second best thing that happen to me Jesus being the first thing . But I have always  love him you know i knew him for 2 years last year we were kinda on and off but then he move school and places so we lost contact . But this year I am senior he is A junior . I seen him in the hall way I didn’t know he was coming back . But he email me saying He loves me but he is going out with someone, I told him he doesn’t have to explain to me . But 2 days later he had broken up with that girl and he message me again and saying this “HI” , I said Hi” G: Do you still love me?” Me: I never stop loving you I said. So We met up and hold hands he walk me to the door we hug and kiss Wow it was amazing… But I knew deep down that the feeling that I had wasn’t going to last long and it didn’t I didn’t know what we had one thing I hate is a complicated realtionship  you either together or you’re not .. there is no kinda that’s my Opinion. He said we was but 1 day later I seen him kiss a other girl I don’t know about you But that’s a horrible feeling.  Because I love him …  I had so much questions in my  heart. Like how could he do that to me? what we had was real ? it still hurts but you know what it’s okay 🙂 . One day for all those who are struggling with a boy or a girl you are not alone God knows exactly what you need in a guy or a girl all you have to is surrender to him.  it kills me seeing him with a other girl but at least I still have Jesus! I love you guys so much peace out 🙂

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