Let the journey begin!…again!

It’s been forever it seems. We gave up on trying  few months ago with the decision of putting it aside for the time being and focusing on buying a house and quit wasting money on shit hole apartments. We bought a house and for the most part have moved in…sans decorating, painting, and the few remaining boxes in the bonus room. It’s nice. It’s home. Not what I expect to grow old and die in but for the time being and for our current place in life…it will more than suffice.

We have settled in and have decided it was time to start trying again. Except this time…there’s not 15k sitting in a bank account just waiting for a rainy day. We had already spent almost $20,000 on trying last year to have a baby. Now with just over 6,000 in our savings account we are wondering how this is going to go…and how long we can keep up. We decided to try the home route for now…well, I, wanted to try the home route. She wanted to opt for the doctor. But seeing as how each month we would have to make at least 3 trips to try…we decided home route may be ok for the time being.

So here we are…we just celebrated our 1 year since I miscarried. It hurt my heart a little but I took it in stride and realized we are doing pretty good. So with that in mind I decided let’s go for it. A few days ago we did 2 inseminations a little over 12 hours apart. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We got a positive on the OPK and had lots of clear egg white CM. If it doesn’t happen this time around…idk what else to do! This time just seems like everything fell into place for once. So I remain hopeful and optimistic that we will get our BFP this month. And then hopefully money won’t be an issue because we won’t have to do this again! One can hope. So I cross my fingers and ask God for sticky eggs and strong swimmers…and try to keep calm until we can start testing. God I hate the 2ww…it is the worst! So I do my best to stay calm and positive. Hoping for the best and praying for lots of baby dust!


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