So I decided to start writing instead of doing my homework like a smart person.

As I told you yesterday, writing and new thoughts come very easy to me. I am currently listening to a song called stressed out by twenty one pilots. And a question popped in my head.

What is my favorite memory?

My favorite memory is when I saw a massive group of people come to Christ. It literally put me in tears. I love seeing people find what they have been missing and striving for.

Some more memories would be going to Disney for the first time. I was in fourth grade. I was sooo excited. I already knew I was going because my mom told me a few months before but my dad didn’t want us to know. SO we had to act super surprised when we saw the sign. I’m not saying we were not beyond excited to be there but we had to put in a little more then what we were actually feeling. I have been to Disney four times and it’s an amazing place. One of my best friends wants to work at Disney and become a dancer for them and I totally think she will get hired on the spot. She is very outgoing and BEYOND talented at dancing.  She will have an amazing life. My favorite park would easily be Hollywood planet just because of the tower of terror. If I had to pick the best park just in general it would be the magic kingdom and then epicot. Epicot is amazing. They have a thing where you walk around the park and it’s a giant circle and it takes you around the world. You can see all the different cultures and foods and it’s amazing. We went to a restaurant up there where they cook in front of you and the lady that was our cook was really funny. She took a piece of sushi and called it nemo. She took nemo and flipped it into her hat and left it there until she was done cooking and when she was done cooking we reminded her about nemo so she took nemo out and ate him. That is probably one of my favorite restaurant memories. Disney is a much recommended vacation. It’s just very expensive.

So what are yalls best memories? It can be about anything.

That’s basically it for today, just a normal day. I am ending this short because I still have homework sadly.

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  1. Homework boo 🙁 ! I think one of my favorite memories is when I used to live in Puerto Rico. All of my cousins and my grandpa and some of my uncles too, we all joined together and plyed baseball in our backyard. I can just remember the feeling of laughing at my brother’s reaction of losing. I loved it.

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