My fairy tale night

first of all I’m happy to say that I don’t like that boy anymore! It was hard but I forgot him! (And I have a great reason!)

last saturday I went to my brother’s graduation prom. It.was.p.e.r.f.e.c.t. Everything, the place the music, the food! I was living a dream.

I decided to dance by my own, because I didn’t know anybody there (only my family) and I saw a boy, and I fell in love.

Some minutes later, somebody touched me, and I turned and it was him. “Hey, I see that you are alone, aren’t you?” He asked me. After I answered he held my hips, and he asked if I would like to hook up. YES! 

We went to a more private place (which was hard because the place was full) and I was afraid if someone of my family see me with him, he give his hand but I didn’t hold them because I didnt want nobody to see me. 

Then we found a place, he hold me and kissed me, I was still afraid but it was so good…. We talked and damn he was so cute and damn I want him and damn he lives in another city, and damn he remembered my name when he added me, and damn we talked online again and damn I want to see him… He only lives 50 min far away… I don’t have lucky with boys… But maybe this time things can change. I wanna see his pretty face again. He made me feel so important, he called me pretty 4 tims.. Why do I have to fall in love with guys who I know it’s gonna be hard to have a relationship? 


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  1. My God you fall in love so easily!

    I’m a guy OK! And this guy like you described is showing all the signs that he doesn’t want to go in a long term or real relationship. Your journals are so interesting I started from your first entry about an hour ago and I can’t stop reading!

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