my first post…

happy days

starting an online journal to find if others feel ands think the same as me (some times I worry!) . I’m a young married mum of 2, I work in a pub, and I am desperatly searching for inner piece… I cant find a contraceptive pill that doesnt stop me from going crazy, my house is at the point of being impossible to control… clean, organize etc. I am constantly tiered, confused… and hanging on until bed time, if not for the kids so I can get some piece… and wine. but then for my precious sleep… I LOVE SLEEEP!!

Everyday I try to find something positive… as today has been a paticulaly happy day, I’ll start with today! 🙂

booked our holidays today… seen as my husband is holding down a decent job now, we’v gone all out…. even went to a travel agent (ooooh get me) as aposed to doing it all seperate online, and my gosh do i need a holiday!!!!

our sarah millican tickets came through today! they were a anniversery prez from hubs… 5 months late but better late  then never (‘NEVER’ WOULD BE AN OPTION with my hubz)… men ay?

and my best friend has booked me and her on a 5k fun run in june!! im not a excercise fan, we have been ‘jogging’… (tbh its more like trying to distract her with convo so she forgets what shes doing and we take a gentle stroll) with the pushchairs for about 3 months now, 2 mornings a week… weather permitted (theres been alot of bad weather over the last 3 months.. funny enough!) so yes lets see how that goes

back to work 3 weeks ago after 10 months maternity leave… no fun there then !

and I am currently clasping on to my last mouthful of wine, watching the clock thinking, if I go bed now I’ll get 8 hours sleep… but if I go to bed now…. ill get 7 and half… haha… but yet I tresure my sleep. I am my own worst enemy! My husband (who is up even earlier than me for work, is sat playing playstation, and ever 10 mins I am feeling like the mum telling him… ‘we should really go bed now’

so with that (and my last sip of wine) I bid you goodnight

Mrs Mum xoxox


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