A song for the moment

I am an empty cup and music is my drink. I always have a tune stuck in my head. Music is something that I am very passionate about. I can find a song for every occasion. So many memories of different chapters of my life play through my mind when I hear a specific song.

  • “Don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith reminds me of my first true love. 
  • “Glycerine” by Bush reminds me of my first serious boyfriend
  • “I saw the sign” by Ace of Base. It’s the first CD I ever owned (You can stop laughing now. We all make poor choices).
  • “Yesterday” by the Beatles calls to mind a time when I was brave. I had to sing it by myself in front of the entire chorus to audition to sing it for a concert. Yes, I was terrible. No, I didn’t get the part. I was the only person who volunteered to do it though. No one raised a hand until after I sang my little heart out and revealed just how tone deaf I am. After I finished, everyone else’s hands shot up. “If Inanna can stand up there alone and sing like a dieing crow, so can I!”
  • “Under the bridge” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I said my first “I love you” to The Man while we were listening to this song. I snuck it with the lyrics. He had already told me “I love you” the day before, but I held out until I was positive.
  • “Run Around” by Blue’s Travelers was playing on the radio when I went bungee jumping.
  • “I’m yours” by Jason Miraz was the song played at my best friend’s funeral
  • “Like a Prayer” by Madonna. It’s the anthem of my childhood. I’ll always remind warm summer nights, running around in my back yard, and the sweet smell of fresh cut grass.
  • “Hey You” by Pink Floyd. My all time favorite song.
  • “Never Dreamed” by Black Label Society brings back the pain of when The Man and I broke up. I’d listen to it over and over desperately hoping that it reflected his inner feelings.
  • “The Rain in Africa” by Toto. Best inside joke EVER.

I could add a hundred more songs to the list, more of my favorites, ones I can’t stand. There is a song for every occasion in my life. I think this sums up most of the significant ones. 

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