C’mon Table Rock

I’ve got the winter blues. Life lately has been limited to work, running errands, watching a lil’ bit of tv, and house work. My high points have been going out to eat with The Man at our favourite restaurant (well, my favourite restaurant) and the new kitty scape we purchased for the boys. That’s been it. Kind of lame and not exactly living it up if you ask me.

I’ve got Saturday off and The Man usually has Saturdays off. The weather has been fairly mild lately. I didn’t even need a jacket today. The gears in my head are moving, forming a plan…

Last Summer we took the chillens on an Epic Hike Day. We hiked 2 mountains and made it 1/2 way up a third when Deedee decided she’d had enough. We never made it to the top of Table Rock Mountain. I heard the view is breath taking. I for one, was in love with the trail we were on. 

The picture in this blog is from Blue Moutain Ridge and in the distance is Table Rock. All fall and this winter The Man and I keep talking about going back and finishing what we started. Picnic lunch on the top of a Mountain, taking in the view – sounds like my ideal date!

I plan on bringing the idea up tomorrow when I see The Man. He’s been feeling sick lately and can’t seem to shake off some sort of bug. He may not be up for it. I’m crossing my fingers. I need a day spent with my feet on the Earth, surrounded by trees and sky. I need the exercise. I need this moment! It’s just the thing to cure my winter blues.

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