Hi, today is a boring day. This Wednesday is just a chill day for me, no quizzes in school and such. I’m just thinking about what will happen next and I can’t wait for our Moving Up Ceremony on March 19 I’m so excited!! I want to leave the school but my parents didn’t want to ugh I’m so done of those fckng people in school. Mostly people there are very annoying but others are slightly not. Yeah, I have friends but others are not my classmate so we are not talking to each other everyday because we are apart from each other, yeah I have friends in our classroom they are 4 and I’m contented of them because other people in our classroom are so fcking annoying and yeah “papansin.” People nowadays are soo freakin’ judgemental. 🙁 Sometimes I want my hair to be tied but.. I have a big forehead. My friends already told me that I look okay and pretty with my hair tied but there’s a part of me that I am scared because others might tease me or what… What should I do? 

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