Rise and shine everybody!

If you have a choice, always choose adventure. I had every intention to wake up this morning and take Sunny to the park to run while the sun rose. But of course.. I had not got everything I needed ready last night. I have always been a morning person. However, my boyfriend is not. So he would never let me leave bed until he was ready to get up. Cute, I know.. But since he has a big boy job and has to get up early. It makes it a lot easier for me to do the same and get some things done.  

We just got a snow dusting last night which made the path to my morning run even more beautiful. I’m not going to lie. It was different for me today then any other day of running at the park. I was the first car to show up. It was getting to be light out. There was something about all of it that seemed a little scary to me. Almost like I wish there would have been another car there. I have been panicking lately while running in the woods that I am going to come across a wolf or some creature. I blame my boyfriend. When we went walking the other night at around 8pm we shut our flash lights off. It was beautiful once our eyes adjusted. Until the thought crossed my mind about a wolf. I asked my boyfriend if he has ever seen one while walking before, he replied “oh yea!” he then said “If we were to see one Sunny would be a goner!” I didn’t like the sounds of that. But I knew with how big of a baby Sunny is, it was most defiantly true. So ever since he told me that I have had the thought cross my mind lots. What would I do if me and Sunny were running through the woods and saw a wolf? :l 

Hope everyone has a safe Wednesday! Get out and enjoy the weather!


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