So I literally have nothing to write about. I have written so much that I have no more ideas. I don’t have music on at the moment so I don’t have anything to give me ideas. I’m typing this trying to give myself ideas but nothing is coming to mind.

I’m soooo ready for soccer to start back. I’m going to go get some good cleats and I’m just going to do me. I will probably get some hyper venoms. If anybody wants to know, my position is defense. Usually right defense but I’m will do left. But before soccer season I must do track. I don’t know how to feel about track honestly. I’m fast but I don’t know how fast people at other schools are. I guess I will just have to practice.

This journal is kind of rushed just because I have church. We got a dodgeball arena set up with mats so now we have dodgeball. That was always a favorite childhood game of mine. I used to suck at throwing actually but now I’m fairly decent.  I love writing. The only reason I say that is because even when I’m rushed I still have all of the thoughts coming out of nowhere and I’m typing everything that’s going on up there. Literally everything… I love all of yalls comments. Don’t think that because I didn’t say anything back to you means that I didn’t see it. I always check my email to see the new comments. I love waking up and reading them. I don’t have much time to get ready at all. I have 20 minutes but that’s actually really cramped for me. I get up and put on my outfit and then I go straight to my bathroom to put in my contacts and brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth is actually very important to me. I feel absolutely disgusting if I don’t brush my teeth. And then I have to quickly check yalls messages before I head n out the door.  So am I the only one that takes showers every single day but instead of a 5-15 minute shower it’s a 45 minutes-1 hour showers? I don’t understand how people take short showers. In the amount of time that a usual person takes a shower, I would only just be starting my shower. I don’t like feeling rushed when I shower just because it’s my me time. I can just think and sing and do whatever. My mom calls it the daily hour shower.

See now what did I tell yall in my previous journals? I start with nothing to write about and the next second I can’t stop typing.  I should stop now just because I need to get ready for church.

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  1. I am literally exactly like you–one minute I’m sitting stupidly in front of the computer with my mind completely blank, nothing to write about because I already wrote down all my thoughts yesterday, and then it’s two hours later and I should be getting offline and bam! I suddenly realize I have like a million things I want to say.

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