About To Read A New Book

I got a new book from the library today and it’s written by an author I don’t know. Usually when I pick a book to cuddle up with I stick to authors I know and enjoy. Jim Butcher, James Patterson, Dan Brown, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, V.C. Andrews, Stephen King have all written books that I immensely enjoyed.

The book I’m about to start is “When We Were God’s” a novel of Cleopatra by Colin Falcorner. I’m a big history buff especially when it comes to ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Mesopotamia. I love how the rulers became gods and goddesses forever engrained with time and sand. I’m not sure if this book will be an accurate depiction of the authentic life of Cleopatra, but I have a healthy imagination to be entertained regardless.

What I’d really love to find is books about the Anunnaki gods and specifically, Inanna. My soul pulls so strongly to her. It’s beyond fascination. It’s obsession. I love how her traits resemble me. I love her lust for war or love. My local library doesn’t carry any pagan books never mind the anything referencing the ancient anunnaki dynasty. It’s a shame. I’ll need to use amazon and google if I want that type of literature.

I suppose I’ll make do reading about Cleopatra. A good story can inspire dreams larger than the stars.

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