So I started all of this on January 18 and I didn’t really have any intentions of doing something with it but it’s turned into a lot more than expected. I know I haven’t been on here that long but compared to some people on here I have a lot. I have posted a total of 7,822 words. Of course that’s not all I have written but I can’t post the rest.

So let’s start this new journal off.

Do y’all know how when you are single you get that feeling of loneliness? It’s not the feeling that you have somebody to cuddle with (that is nice though) but it’s the feeling of just knowing you have somebody. Just the feeling that somebody so deeply likes/loves you is amazing. I don’t know if I’m getting this feeling because I’m no longer in a relationship and I’m not fully used to being single or if it’s just I want somebody in general. I actually look for a lot in a girl before I date her or even start talking to her in a flirty way. I need her to be smart, funny, mature, beautiful, kind, faithful, and just easy to talk too. I will tell you why I said each one of those things. I said smart because I need somebody on the same mindset as me. I need her to be able to understand what I’m thinking even if it’s something simple. I said funny because I need somebody to have a good conversation with and is not always serious. She has to be able to make me laugh and also laugh at my own jokes even when they are beyond corny.  I said mature because I absolutely need her to know when the right time to be serious is. I want her to goof off and everything but she needs to know when not to be goofy. I said beautiful because that’s an important key. Now I’m not saying she has to be flawless or anything but she needs to be flawless in my eyes. I could care less what other people think of her. I said kind because she needs to be respectful and she needs to know how to treat the people around her correctly. Like I will not stand for somebody that is a bully to other people and purposely brings other people down people for no reason at all. I said faith last because this is the most important to me above anything else. She has to be faithful and she needs to be devoted to Christ. My entire point of a relationship is to date someone that grows both of you closer to God. I simply will not date anyone that does not believe what I believe. I know that sounds harsh and it is but I can’t date someone with different views as me because I feel like that will start many arguments and it could tear us apart. Her believing what I believe creates conversations and it will grow both of us to be like Christ. I said she needs to be easy to talk too because I need somebody to come too to talk about my troubled times.


Wow, that was a lot. Didn’t mean for it to be that long but it happens I guess. I’m debating whether to continue or not. I think I’m just going to finish today because I don’t think anybody wants to read a 3 page story.

2 thoughts on “Girls…”

  1. Hi. I know you and I definitely do not share the same spiritual beliefs what so ever. Having said that, I respect and admire your faith. I agree with you about dating some one who has similar religious beliefs. Since its such an part of your important life, it only makes sense that you want someone that values it as well. For one so young, you are very wise.

  2. What if you actually found her..then along the way, she told you all her doubts and confusion. Will you try to explain what is and what is not or simply just pray to God? Or would you back out?

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