I have a lot of hesitations and what ifs in my mind right now.. I’m scared to make a decision.. one second I am so certain and few seconds after I am not sure anymore.. I can’t make up my mind.. I’m scared.. it may not be much for others but it is for me.. i’ve been praying for this.. and i believe that He answered it.. i know this is what He wants for me..   i can feel it.. i don’t know why, but my heart is so sure about it.. but my mind is not.. I know He will be there for me, to guide me.. like He always do.. 

I have been talking with my friends about this.. and they said that i can do it,  that they believe in me.. they believe in what i can do.. but i don’t believe in myself.. that is my problem.. i don’t believe in my abilities, i don’t believe in what i can do.. 

I’m scared, i have hesitations, i don’t trust myself.. but i have trust in God.. i know He is always there for me, so i will take the risk.. I choose to believe in Him.. 



2 thoughts on “Hesitations..”

  1. Your posts just give me so much positivity. I have read all your posts and you are a really optimistic girl, which inspires me to be the same.I read that “suicide” post and it made me feel horrible because I was going to do the same but your posts gave me a flood of positivity and motivation.I read your posts everyday so please just keep writing…

  2. Wow..really?!! Thanks for taking time to read all of those! ^_^.. i really appreciate it! Im so glad to know that.. that there are people that takes time to read my posts..

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