All this time I thought I had lost myself. But that was just the process, now I’ve really lost myself. Don’t even know who I am anymore. People telling me “I’m so glad your old self is back haven’t seen you this happy in so, so long….” I’m not back in fact it’s worse then ever now but you didn’t seem to care when I showed it. I can’t even cry anymore, I speak a lot more and smile too.  Mother says “You see there was nothing wrong with you.”

I’m so afraid of living like this. 

One thought on “Lost”

  1. Mel, you need some time away to figure out who you are as a person, its ok to be happy and its also ok to be sad. people telling you that youve changed or that they see you more happy is a good thing:) you shouldn’t feel afraid because maybe now the bad days are over and its better days for good x

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