Yesterday was a day of progress in a couple of areas. Emotionally, I have made progress in dealing with my daughter moving away but a big part of this has been the support I have received by my little ray of “sunshine”.

The next area of progress was with My sunshine. We spent an amazing time getting to know each other more intimately. I knew that I wanted today for her to give her relief of what she has been craving. After we completed we spent a wonderful time face to face just talking. As much as I wished this was in person, it was done through Skype, but still special in every way. I’m encouraged with how things have gone and look forward to the future. Each day I learn something about her, her strengths, her weaknesses, what she needs to learn. She is starting to show her submissive side a little more each day and I am seeing her giving nature more and more. Yesterday progress. Good progress.

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