The Root Cause of Everything

It has been two consecutive days that I am dealing with my anger, impatience and short-tempered attitude. Maybe, well it’s not a “maybe” rather, I know exactly the root cause or the reason of this emotion I am encountering.

Sometimes, the easiest way to conclude our current situation, especially the bad times, is pointing the blame to other people. We tend to think that it is because of their attitude towards us, the words they tell us, the lapses they made against us and the mistake they made that affect us are what we are mostly thinking as there fault and the cause of our cries, heartaches, anger, resentment, etc.

But, I have realized something as I was writing this. The things that other people do or say towards us have nothing to do with what we felt or reacted. It is not them who’s wrong but it is us who has “somethings wrong”. “Something is wrong” to the sense that “why am I reacting this way?” or “Why do I feel this way?” or perhaps “Am I missing something that’s why I am having this kind of attitude?”

There then, I realized, I am at fault. Not because I am the one who committed the mistake. Rather, how I am at fault and committed a mistake in the eyes of God. Every good fruit comes from Jesus Christ and without Him or apart from Him, NO GOOD THING comes out from man.

If a man or a woman is being soaked in the presence of the LORD through prayer and His WORD, then the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT comes out naturally even when faced with negative words, hurtful situations or trying times that would usually break every man or woman.

Pointing the blame to others? NO

Evaluation in our relationship in CHRIST? YES

This is what I am missing. This is the root cause of everything.



Father, may you forgive me Oh God. I am at fault and committed a mistake before you eyes. Please help me to put You first in everything, in YOUR WORD and PRAYER so that even when faced with trying times, the Fruit of YOUR SPIRIT will still be flowing from me and not my human nature. Help me to glorify you LORD. Thank you.

In Jesus’ Name,




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