Book review – Just because “Everyone Worth Knowing”

I will offer a disclaimer here and say that I’m not someone who trashes people’s creative endeavors just for fun.  I’m not a qualified special person – just an avid reader and a creative writer who is sharing her thoughts on a book.  

I recently finished a book by Lauren Weisberger, Everyone Worth Knowing — and overall it was a good chick flick – esque kind of read.  There was a lot of finding yourself in this book and much of it with me internally screaming “Enough already – why are you dealing with this bs?”  Other parts where I “woo-hoo’d” for the main character when speaking up.

So a basic overview – this gal fals into a PR position through her connected Uncle.  She gets into the limelight in all kinds of the wrong ways.  There’s some twisty love interest, strain on the friendship with the BFF and A LOT of detail on how icky the PR scene with the rich and famous and those who are her colleagues who are super desperate to be “someone” are always scheming and putting themselves first — no matter what the cost.  

For me, the character, who is seemingly pretty intelligent, grew up with intelligent hippy do-gooder liberal parents, she seems really empty or numb and blindly going through the motions through most of the book.  Which for me, is hard to identify, because she never really reflects on being lost – she just kind of bumps around from thing to thing – which I guess I may have been like this as well in my twenties.  

Then for me, the PR job and all the hooplah with the rich and famous and what have you was way too drawn out.  There was a lot of detail and I suppose it’s cool to be a fly on the wall in the world and life of something so different than your own.  But I’m much more interested in the internal growth that takes place.  She burns a lot of bridges in the process, and once burned, there’s kind of a quick let down – everything falls to crap and the solved part – which to me is the interesting piece (how to put it all back together and repair the damage and find yourself) is wrapped up in a few final pages with only basic details as what’s to come next.

Writing talent is not a question of this author though as she has a knack for story telling, character building and adds a certain educational element to an otherwise light plot.  I find myself wondering at times why it seems so many movies and books these days focus on all the conflict and not the happy day to day – post conflict-we’re-inthehappyending part.  I mean, I get it, people want to get the underdog – over come your challenges story.  The happy endings sometimes seem mundane or boring.  

There has to be a story somewhere – and I guess the day to day story seems lackluster?  I find myself with rom-coms wanting to see the relationship develop – how it shakes out.  I want more than just the blissful happy ending – I want the story of what comes after the happy ending.  But in the case of this book – I would have loved to have had the PR work shortened by a great lot – seen a story about her figuring out how to repair her name after being slung through tabloid mud, and repair the relationships, and get her career straightened out.  That’s just me.  


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