Creepy experience and everything today. 😊

 I thought that I was the only one in this house who have a creepy experience to tell.. but it turned out hat my sister have too.. we rarely talk about these stuff coz we don’t want to scare each other.. so when we talked about these I try to keep the conversation as light as I could coz I don’t want to scare them and myself even more.. it really does scare me but I don’t really mind it and try to forget about it coz it creeps me out even more.. 

Yesterday.. we saw two 7th graders talking in from of us(a boy and a girl).. we we’re intrigued by their closeness and they somehow look alike.. we thought they were like together.. coz they’re so close and sweet.. but I said I don’t think so coz I think they’re a bit young for a relationship.. so we decided to ask them what is their relationship with each other and they said they we’re siblings.. I was like..😮 really??😮.. they were just so close and sweet towards each other.. and they look good together.. we saw them again today.. They were like inseperable.. I was even more intrigued.. I can’t help but stare at them..  I know it’s rude to stare but I can’t help it.. siblings can be really close right?? Maybe we were  just over reacting..  my friend said what if they fall for each other.. coz that really happens in reality. There are people who fall for a family member or relatives.. my cousins did.. I know what we are thinking is so not good.. I don’t like the thought of it either.. they’re siblings.. that can’t be.. maybe they’re just really close and nothing more.. maybe we were just the ones who thinks that way.. 

I’m not feeling really well today.. my friends asks me if I’m fine coz I feel head hurts and i feel a bit dizzy.. I went home coz my mother and I had to do something.. but she did it already.. so I went home for nothing..😑 I haven’t attended in our afternoon practice for nothing.. but at least I had a time to rest.. as I lay on the sofa.. it’s like everything around me is spinning.. and when I woke up my head hurts.. I really need rest.. I need a complete good sleep.. coz I haven’t been sleeping right these past weeks.. I was sleeping past 1:30.. 2 or sometimes past 3 am.. and still have to wake up.. before 7:30.. for school.. I need to sleep early tonight coz I need to be early tomorrow.. I had really fun today..  i guess this will be it for tonight.. i never thought that this entry would be this long.. so i have to stop now before i remember something that i might want to share..

If you read this from the top all the way down.. then thanks!!😀



2 thoughts on “Creepy experience and everything today. 😊”

  1. I have an 11 year old daughter, a 12 year old son, and a 14 year old daughter. My son was/is short for his age, really short. His little sister is the exact same height and weight as him. They both have the same shade of hair, same facial features, etc. Basically they look and act like twins. They are best friends and very close. Some siblings just have a better understanding of one and other and have a particularly strong bond 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better

  2. Thanks for your comment.. maybe we were just the ones who are putting colors about it.. somehow I’m jealous of those siblings… coz me and my siblings are really not that close.. I’m too short for my age too.. like your son.. but that’s life and we can’t have it all..

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