Life is quite funny, one minute you’re sad while the other you’re contented, not happy but content. I could sit all day and ponder about things such as our purpose, life after this world, and the essence of life but it results in materialism having no importance including loved ones. Everyone has their own difficulties and struggles, some may have it very easily and may not be contented while some may have nothing but they seem as the happiest people in the world. The little you have, teaches you to value and cherish the important things in life like family, love, education and contentment. We strive so hard to fit in to society and be like everyone else but would you really want to be exactly like everyone else? Wouldn’t you want to be different, making a difference, an impact on lives? Won’t you want to leave behind a legacy? Even though you’re going through difficulties, always smile and pray. Prayer is something very great, i really can move mountains. Always be kind to others, they may be in a worst situation than you. Give warm and unexpected compliments, it can brighten someone’s day. And if you do feel as if the world is crashing down on you, it is okay to express yourself but not in an aggressive or violent way. It is okay to cry and be sad, it is okay to feel broken, torn, hurt,rejected etc. It’s a part of life and there are times that we may feel low and we’d have no shoulder to cry on but that is the time to build yourself. Things fall in order to be built back up. And if you feel alone, unloved, hopeless, worthless and depressed, you’ve to realize that God knows what you’re going through and He understands everything. He’s listened to you when no one was listening, He’s helped you when everyone has turned their back on you and without you knowing. He has loved you more than any human can ever love anything. Without difficulties, we wouldn’t appreciate the happy times and so, we all need tests in our lives, else it’d be boring.  If you feel like giving up, think about what you have instead of what you don’t have.

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