Love and Age

Do you believe that love is based on age?

I see and hear so many people say that some people are too young to date. Or I hear adults say that teenagers do not know what love is because we are too young and we haven’t experienced enough.

Let me break all of this down piece by piece. I will start with my opinion on the matter. I believe that love has no age requirement and there is no way to have enough experience to be able to love.

Now, on to some of the things I stated. “People are too young to date”. Now isn’t this just the biggest load of crap you have ever heard? There is no age limit on when you are allowed to date and when you actually know what love is. I hear adults say that since we are teenagers we can’t know what love is. Let’s say the reader is the person who told me that. I’m going to respond to you as if this were a real scenario.

Are you telling me that since I am a teenager I don’t know what love is but since you are an adult you know what love is? So as soon as I turn 18 I will know what love is? That’s the most stupid and simpleminded statement I have ever heard. Just because you are legally an adult doesn’t mean you know what love is. Ok, let’s say I’m seventeen and tomorrow is my birthday and I will officially be an adult. Are you saying when that clock hits 12 am I will officially know what love is but five minutes ago I didn’t? No, nothing changed within that five minutes besides my age.


“You haven’t experienced enough”. AHAHAHAHAH so now being an adult tells you that you know everything and you have “experienced enough”? No, age does not mean that you know what younger people don’t know. A 15 year old can know much more about love than an adult. Knowledge is not based on age but real life events depict what you actually know. Let me tell you why a 15 year old can experience more than an adult on the topic of love. Let’s say the adult has only had a few breakups and they have not lost anybody in their life of great importance. Now, on to the 15 year old. Let’s say that the 15 year old has lost their mother in a very brutal car accident or their parent just got shot from a street robbery and they watched their parent die in their own eyes. After that 15 year old lost his mother he was very sorrowful and regretted all of the things he ever did to his mother and he blamed himself for it. Who do you think know more about love? The adult or the 15 year old? I think the correct answer is the teenager. Now I know that was a little dramatic but that just shows that age does not mean that you know more and have experienced more than someone younger than you.

Let’s say that the topic is not on love but it’s just in what you know in general. Do you think that the adult knows more just because they are an adult? I believe that nobody is truly smarter than another person but we are all equally smart. Just because some people might know a lot on a certain topic and the other person does not know that stuff will not make them smarter. I feel that knowledge is based on the topic. A 16 year old will know more about technology than an 80 year old but that 80 year old can know more about history than that 16 year old. That example just shows that knowledge is based on the topic and age does not mean you are smarter than somebody else.

This can be a touchy topic and I will love to hear yalls opinion on this. I might not get back to you but I will read it. If I feel like what you said was interesting or needed to be discussed then I will email you. That’s pretty much all for today. This was not a usual journal but it’s interesting to think about and ponder.

2 thoughts on “Love and Age”

  1. I totally agree.. but about love .. “some” of the teens nowadays doesn’t know their limitations when it comes to love, we tend to be careless at times, we don’t think before we act…. maybe that’s why adults says we are too young for love.. that we don’t take love seriously.. but I hate it when they generalize us teens.. not all teens are like that.. that’s why I used the word “some” or “not all” coz every people is different from each other.. the thing that I hear very often from adults is that teens in this generation lacks respect towards the elders compared to their generation.. they generalize it.. it’s like the mistake of one teen is also the mistake of all teens.. they forgot that we are individuals..
    I also agree that Age doesn’t really determine if we are ready to love or we are ready for anything.. i think it’s maturity and experience that dictates if we are ready and capable of doing things..
    I agree with you.. that we are all equally smart.. regarding of our age.. I believe that we are all smart in a thousand different ways..

  2. I love this topic…
    I feel that teenagers are absolutely capable of love. I think the saying “but you aren’t experienced enough to feel / or give love in a mature relationship ” is total hogwash. Who am I to judge the strength of one’s emotions or their level of “experience” in regards to life? I know many teenagers who have a whole lifetime crammed into their short lives as well as middle aged adults who have yet to really live.

    Having said that, I think teenagers tend to be more impulsive when it comes to decision making. I can site examples of teenagers who got pregnant in an effort to “strengthen” their relationships and take it to the next level. Almost always, this logic backfires. While teenagers are absolutely capable of love, they arent necessarily ready to be full fledged adults.

    As the with body, humans have intellectual growth spirits. They elevate to a higher level of thinking. An example of this would be a toddler who only speaks a dozen words suddenly strings those words into sentences. Most young adults experience a HUGE mental growth spurt around age 25. This is why a common belief in middle aged adults is that while teenagers tend to think they know everything and what’s good for them, adults know that even they (the adults) don’t.

    As for the topic of being too young to date and when is that magical acceptable age? I think that depends on the child. I would let my 14 year old date if she wanted to, but the condition is that every date is supervised.

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