Queen II/Queen


I can categorically state there are many things I don’t like about Queen including Fat bottom girls and Radio Ga Ga. I quite like we are the champs and we will rock you, I think Bohemian Rhapsody has been played to death and I personally  prefer Killer Queen.

Queen II was the 4th album I bought and it was my first ever concept album. My vinyl copy was well worn by the time it came out on CD and I was a happy bunny when finally it could be played all the way through without the break to turn it over.

This album takes you from a very short and gentle instrumental  to tracks that you want to belt out, crescendos galore and some beautiful lyrics. There are periods of really heavy drumming and crashing guitars and seconds later their classical training comes through with delicate strumming and calming lyrics.

I think this album, above all others, shows the full range and talent that is Queen. Freddies vocals are, as always, amazing but the whole album has a real unique feel. I was brought up with classical music and hated most of it but this is a heavy rock/classical mix that I absolutely love and that only queen could pull off.

This album was before music videos but it conjures up visions pulled from your imagination. White Queen makes you feel for her, you can feel her sadness. As Ogre Battle progresses you see them charge. I don’t know if Nevermore is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe but I can see a raven when I hear it and The March Of The Black Queen is ….. Check it out for yourself on youtube.

An album I bought in 1974 that I still play and enjoy just as much now, has to be in my top 10

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