The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I can sum this series up in one sentence “I didn’t see that coming”. This is a wonderful series and I loved every thing about it. I thought the characters were terrific, The emotional rollercoaster that Katniss was on was thrilling, frightening, upsetting and mostly down right unfair. I loved Katniss I felt for her, I cried for her and I hurt for her.

I decided to read the books after seeing the first film, I felt there were things in the film I wasn’t sure about, a lot of “why’s”  left untold. I don’t watch films in the same way that I read a book. A book, for me, gives a lot more detail or maybe I give it a lot more attention.

I wish I has started this journal earlier and I could then have written down my emotions as I finished each book. I don’t want to give too much away plot wise but these books are extremely well written and, unlike some trilogies, keep you gripped right up to the end. The third book was as good as the first.

For those people who have not heard of The Hunger Games it is set in the fictional country of Panem. Panem is split into 12 districts and the Capitol. The districts each supply the Capitol with specialised goods. Once a year the Capitol hold The Hunger Games.

The games consists of two participants from each district and a man made environment. Each district must put forward the names of all their children between the ages of 12 and 17. A boy and girl are drawn at random. They are then taken to the Capitol, trained and put into an environment that is totally controlled by the capitol for the amusement of all. The children must fight to the death, last man standing wins prestige and extra supplies for a year for their district.

District 12 is the mining district and draws Prim Everdeen, she is 12 years old. The youngest of 2 girls, Prim lost her father in a mining accident, her mother is a healer but has struggled to cope since the death of her husband. Katniss is Prims elder sister, at 16 she is headstrong and has looked after the family since her fathers death. By illegal hunting and trading her game she, along with her friend Gale, has managed to keep food on both of their families tables. Katniss has to look after Prim. Katniss cannot let Prim go through the games. Katniss has to volunteer instead of Prim.

Katniss has a strong personality and a rebellious nature, this doesn’t bode well with the residents of Capitol. The districts however are a different matter………….

The complete set is breath taking, page turning and so hard to put down with more twists than a jive contest. Just in case you haven’t guessed  I loved it

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