The Maze Runner by James Dashner

This will be my first report on a book that I am actually reading, I am currently reading the prequel. I don’t know if I should be reading this first. By definition the prequel is the first but current trends seem to be an after thought. I have bought it as a set and there is no indication so I am hoping that it is either a stand alone book or an introduction to the main characters.

Mark and Alec have very different characteristics and have been portrayed well but the female characters have no personality and at the moment I have no empathy with them. This may change as I get further into the book and maybe I should reserve judgement until then.

A natural disaster has been inflicted on the earth and the survivors are picking up the pieces. For no apparent reason someone decides to infect these survivors with a virus. Mark and Alec have to find out why, find a cure and save the hapless women.

I find I am curious enough to continue reading, let’s hope the women are portrayed more 21st century than damsels in distress 

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