Day 1

December 06, 2014

I was waiting for my friend when they passed by. I saw him smiling. I don’t know who he is because I’m just a transferee in this school. He’s not that handsome like Francisco Lachowski but hell. He’s so attractive. I told my friend about him. Good thing she knows the guy. Days later, I was having a chitchat with my oh-so-called-friend. I don’t like her. She’s fake and a flirt. She likes everyone. She has this boombastic mouth that irritates me every time she laughs. I didn’t like her. “Hey girl! Your crush is going to the comfort room!” She pulled me. The heck! If I know she likes him. “Girl! He’s looking at you!” She squealed. I wanted to slap her mouth but I don’t want to be rude. I just rolled my eyes upwards. I’m talking with her. 

One thought on “Day 1”

  1. Just a peice of advice.. I think you should tell her that you don’t like the way she acts.. maybe she is not aware of what she’s doing.. or if she does that on purpose you should tell her immediately that you don’t like the way she acts.. what she really thinks you’re friends.. it is not good that you hate her behind her back..

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