Did you just say that?

Before I dive into the nitty gritty of this blog, I have a few things I want to say so you are very clear on how I feel. The most important thing to note is that this entry is a rant, my opinion on RELIGION. I will not try to talk you out of your beliefs nor will I debate mine. Spirituality is a personal journey and whatever your beliefs might be, I respect that. By no means ever will I cast judgement on a person based on what God they follow. I am a human, like you. It is not my place. I guess that sums that up. Onwards…

I was brought up in a strict Roman Catholic household. We were in the pews every Sunday Mass. We abstained from eating meat for lent. I was baptized in the church. I gave the readings at my first communion. I went to confession and if I had nothing to confess, well I made stuff up. I prayed to the Lord Almighty, Heavenly Father, Jesus, and of course holy Mary. After I was confirmed, I never went to church again.

I never found comfort in my religion. I had so many questions that were never wanted, approved of, or answered. As a young adult I began to research as many religions as I could. In the end, I’ve found my answers, my comfort, my source of balance.

Without taking you by the ankles and dragging you down the rabbit hole with me, I’ll say this: I’m pagan. I believe in many gods and goddesses. I do not “worship” them. Instead my devotion is to the Earth. I believe in ghosts, spirits, negative entities, and reincarnation. I do not believe in a heaven nor hell. I do believe that I have a moral obligation however and conduct myself appropriately. I strongly do not believe that the bible is the word of god. I do not believe a group of men have the right to cherry pick how I should live my life. I hope I didn’t offend any of my readers. If it works for you fantastic. I however have many issues with Christianity and the bible. I do not have issues with people who follow this faith however. I respect you as a person and the beliefs you hold dear.

Me, categorizing myself as Pagan DOES not mean I pray to a false god or the devil. I can not make my children learn a religion that I do not whole heartedly believe in. For this reason they are  not baptised. If they show an interest in a particular religion I encourage them to exam it. I will never be the one to hold back faith.

Now having said all that (and feel free to ask any questions)… here is the rant.

Today it happened. Deedee (who is Wiccan) came home from school and said that her teacher called Wiccan’s devil worshippers. I was floored. I was so tempted to call the school and give them the wrath of an angry mama lion. Before I could give in to my anger, I knew I needed to calm down and objectify the situation. I live in the bible belt. How I choose to proceed with this could affect all 3 of my children for the rest of their public school career.

After asking a few co workers if any of the town’s high school teachers preached Christianity in the classroom, I learned that some do. I can not blame someone for their commitment of their faith, but it angers me when they harshly judge something they hardly know anything about and misrepresent the facts – and to children no less.

My options here are limited. If I make a big to do about this, I could be perceived as attacking a teacher who other than this is a really great teacher. I won’t be in the middle of this feud. My kids will be and they don’t want that. They know fact from opinion. I can use these incidents as lessons in tolerance instead. I could pull them out of school or switch schools, but that won’t end things. I need to make the best out of these difficult moments and demanding that religion be left out of school just isn’t going to fly here.

I’m in a rock and a hard place. I’ve talked in depth with Deedee about it and she doesn’t want me to make a big to do out of it. I know Deedee doesn’t worship the devil and Deedee knows it. That should be what really matters.

The irony is that said teacher doesn’t know Deedee is Wiccan and constantly praises Deedee for being such a good student (who doesn’t get in trouble, who always completes assignments, studies for tests, and doesn’t talk out of turn). This is one of those times I need to let it be, but for Deedee I’m wounded.


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  1. I respect other’s religion.. i don’t really judge people based on their religion.. but base on the way they treat people.. I respect what they believe in.. it’s nice that you let your children choose what religion they would want to be in.. religion doesn’t determine the goodness of a person.. it’s sad to think that sometimes religions separates us instead of uniting us..

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