My week so far

This week has been pretty good. Thursday was my day off. Went to the city with The Man. We walked around the mall for awhile. I bought myself and The Man coordinated necklaces (mine’s a pentagram inside a circle with the zodiac signs enscribed on the stainless steel). The Man’s necklace is a pentagram too, but it’s darker than mine. While we were looking at jewelry I spotted a tee shirt with a kitten puking a rainbow. It screamed Deedee so I got it for her. She’s wearing it as I write this blog…

Yesterday was Snoochie’s play “The Elephant Child”. I loved going to her school and watching her sing. After the performance The Man and I went to Bojangles (best biscuits EVER). Then we went to the store and got Snoochie a giant stuffed tiger and 2 shirts. I couldn’t wait til she got home to surprise her.  

I worked last night and it was a big boss shift. It was actually a very pleasant, smooth evening. It’s awesome when Big Boss is in a good mood. 

So that’s been my weekend so far and all in all, it’s been good!

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