Rejection – many people are discouraged and down because of how other people treat them. The thing we have to realize about that is although it’s very hurtful when other people mistreat us, reject us, abandon us, abuse us, misuse us, say hurtful things to us or about us, they disappoint us when they’re not there for us is a large majority of people’s problems are rooted in the way they feel about themselves so they are going to say mean hurtful things to people.  We’re going to have to learn to get that point where we don’t let that stuff destroy us and steal our joy. 

2 thoughts on “Rejection”

  1. We can use those negative things in positive ways.. like we can use those negative things to be a better version of ourselves.. to change..Not for others but for our own self.. sometimes it’s how we deal with all of those negativities..happiness is always a choice.. but I also agree with you though..

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