Ah, so here I am again. Writing on a blank word document trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to write about.   I don’t know honestly but I’m sure something will come about. I try to look at something in my bedroom to give me ideas but it seems that I’ve look at everything. Ok, let me try this again.

My parents are having a date night tonight so me and my brother are going to be home alone for most of the night. I don’t have anything against that; I actually think it’s a good idea to get away from us “kids” sometimes. I enjoy when nobody is at my house. The peace and quiet is amazing. I want to live in the city when I grow up but I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that there will never be the quiet that I so deeply enjoy. I don’t know where I will live honestly. After college that is. I want somewhere that is peaceful and everybody is nice to each other. Is there a place like that in his world? Somewhere where everybody is nice to each other? That would be nice and I would most definitely pay good money to be there. I would like to live at the beach but I’m going into the missionary field so I don’t think a big beach house would be good for missionary. For missionary I want to go to Cape Town South Africa or Kenya. Cape Town is more of a tourist location and I feel like Kenya would be much much better for missionary.  

I got a haircut today and she did a very good job. I only have one person that I will let cut my hair. If she is not there then I will walk out and come another time. I don’t trust people with my hair. She never messes up. My hair gets really thick as it grows so I have to get it thinned out and shaped up. Well… that’s pretty much it for today. I will post something else tomorrow.

One thought on “Silence”

  1. Cities can actually be quiet, too! At night, there’s this nice almost-silence where you can just look out the window and see the city sort of go to sleep, and there’s still this hum, this sound that you can’t hear. It’s like you can hear the city breathing at night.

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