The Good and The Bad

Today was such a back and forth day. My day started good, morning work went quick and pretty easy so it was nice. I got a chance to talk with My sunshine while she was shopping. I love teasing her on the phone when I know people are around. I have a way to get her juices flowing pretty much any time. I think we talked about an hour but it seemed like only 10 minutes.  Could have talked for hours again. She did get a chance to call me back and we had just enough time to pleasure each other on Skype. It was a big step for her and I am so very proud of her for putting herself out there for me.

We have been progressing relationally over the last couple of days and feeling closer to each other, more attached. She said in her journal that when I shared if things progress I would be open to moving to her area that it made her nervous. She will learn me better and will know that I am a free thinker and it’s important to to open minded. To me, it is important to know what the possibilities are so we can learn how far things could go and not go. I’m far from ready to move anywhere at this point but I do feel that at some point I am going to move from where I am just because with my ex moving our daughter away I will have nothing holding me here and to be honest, this place will always be a bad reminder of a failed relationship. There is still strong possibility that I will either move back to where my son lives or to where my siblings live. It’s tough being alone. Time to get some sleep, I have a long day tomorrow. Hopefully it will just be a good day.

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