What is beauty?

Somebody asked me this question during a game and I told them I would get back to them on that. It sounds like such a simple question and it is but we all know that my mind is too complex to answer that simply.

Beauty can be characterized in so many things. Beauty is so many things and honestly everything and everybody is beautiful. I will explain what I think beauty is.

Beauty is everything. Beauty is a field of flowers on a warm sunny day. Beauty is the fog on an early morning day. Beauty is looking at your spouse and smiling because you know that they are yours and nobody else’s. Beauty is waking up beside the love of your life for eternity to come. Beauty is sitting by the lake and watching the kids live their life and looking back on yours. Beauty is having that one friend that you can go to for just about anything. Beauty is seeing a parent drop their kid off at preschool and seeing them cry in the car because they just let their baby go. Beauty is all of the little things in life that goes unnoticed. Beauty is the human body. Beauty is nature.  Beauty is the laugh of your best friend.

You see, beauty has no limits. Beauty is everything that we can see. Beauty is the things that we can’t see but we know it’s there. That’s what beauty is to me.

Beauty is everything

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