Can’t hold back these tears

I use this website to write how I feel, because for some stupid reason I feel it helps but really I don’t think it does. I’m so lost and tired, I can’t hold my tears anymore, sometimes I just cry for no reason… is that even normal? I’m a really good person and I do so much good for people and never have I asked for anything back yet I’m still treated like shit and not worth their time, I’m so lonely, I literally have no one to talk to, no proper friend to hang out with…. I’ve lost so many people and could it be because I was too nice? 


One thought on “Can’t hold back these tears”

  1. Hey hun. I 100% understand what your going through. I also feel that way like no one understands me, alone. You aren’t crying for no reason you do have a reason you’re going through so much in your head and it’s okay to cry. I feel a lot better when I listen to good music, read my favorite book, or even draw (no matter how bad I am)! As for your friends screw them they don’t deserve you. You shouldn’t have people in your life that make you feel like you are worth less than you really are or make you feel like you are hard to love. Feel free to talk to me if anything

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