dam how bad i messed up

wish i could right all my wrongs with you but i can’t i know we broke up and I’m sorry for wasting your time i did have many feelings for you but it started to faded and should have told you because we never spent time together… … but last night i met a beautiful women that brought all those feelings back and did the main thing you never did you know what that is if you actually try and remember  and i actually fell for her in 1 night and that should have been you but it wasn’t and I’m sorry but she has my heart but i don’t have hers and i wish i did i can only dream of having hers!!! she was amazing not in that way but because of what i learned about it her in the little time i have had and now its not that after relationship type of feelings i far past that. this is the real deal how can i get this girl to understand that i don’t know if i can but i will make an attempt this time!!!! i just hope she can how much i am trying and doesn’t have the same thing happen to her what happened to us. i hope the everything goes well!  

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