A rolling snowball down the hill
a domino effect in for a kill
Target a group you strongly dislike,
before you go or a lethal strike

Words can hurt more than real bullets
Your flawed, biased statement was a big shot
Look at what you’ve done,
setting up a series of ticking time-bombs

What a fine distraction
Name a virus, pick a cause
Let it be just another modern day witch hunt
Portray them as the only for society’s destruction

No educational info from the supposedly experts
Let a certain party burn, baby burn
After that, write a thesis full of ‘educated’ guesses
Pick a trending topic
until pure boredom makes everybody sick

In the end, it’s all the same
just another lame, blaming game
No solutions
just us on a tailspin

Wait, what did you just say?
You clarified your statement as if it was okay
Too late; you’ve already spread such hate
They’ve swallowed your poisonous bait

Perhaps you’ll try another way
as long as there’s still another day
In the meantime, you just sit back and enjoy this chaotic show
Who knows?
You might be surprised with how far they can go


(Jakarta, 5/2/2016 – 9:00 pm)

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