Today (first journal) 2/6/16


Hello 🙂

Today I woke up at like 7am

man I went to bed soooo early last night I don’t usually do that.. why? because I cant sleep.

I woke up and felt so good so alive.. the couch was comfy that’s my bed in the living room of the apartment of my cousins house.. it is nice here.

so I woke up and the little side table had my monster and bottle.. yummy monster Nathan brought it for me yesterday night he is my moms boyfriend they spent the night lastnight.. I don’t know if I should use fake names or what.. haha

but anyway yeahh….

so they spent the night and my moms still sleeping on the couch and Nathan is on the floor currently it is like 11:26..

it feels nice outside I helped Christies mom bring laundry to her car.. everybody thinks she is mean.. but damn I wish I had a grandma or mom like that she pays Christies rent and stuff and buys the kids great charismas gifts.. and she seems nice.. like she gets mad but you can understand why..

anyway monster is great especially the lemon and tea kind rehab thingy..

I am not smart like at all.. im a drop out for now but I don’t want to get sad so im not going to talk about that .. today is great today is wonderful today is amazing and im going to be happy today.. be happy with me folks :p

so anyway im chillin on the couch listening o breathe Carolina.. I use to not listen to this band but a few days ago I started liking it.. honestly..haha

the Skylar is in his room on my laptop.. (I went toonline school and they gave me a laptop and my brother and I have his and mine and Skylar and Cierra like to play on them) Skylar is my little cousin he is like 11 I think and Cierra is in her moms room on her tablet… she is like 9 I think..

My music I listen to is crazy I listen to sooooo many different people haha..

I love music..

I don’t know why but I get these crazy adrenaline rushes

does anybody else? probably

and my dad he has add/adhd

and my mom says she has add but idk

but me I have nothing .. but they probably would try to say I have something if I went to a therapist for more then a day but uhhh I always move and they are always want to get to know me agaian.. I think it is funny..


im boring I do nothing.. atleast not here..

usually Christie is either gone or asleep and the only time she is asleep is usually when the kids are at school it is grrr and when she is home she is either in her bedroom cleaning or cooking. or when her boyfriend is home.. no im not complaining im just telling what happens… I live here for free I sleep on the couch and I have wifi and usually im either watching the kids or cleaning or stuff like that.. it is awesome.. not many problems except the kids have anger issues I think because Christie is never here and she was in jail for like a year awhile back.. anyway.. Christie is a awesome amaing women.. but she is a drug addict and she sells herself.. it is not good but she wont stop and everytime she comes close she messes up.. her drug is crack .. so her son who is now in prison which im going to see today at 3pm calls her a crack whore and so does my mom and other people .. it is evil.. because she has an addiction and it is really hard.. and I just found out that my mom and dad were the first ones she did it with… im pretty sure this is probably true.. it is horrible and I knew my mom did drugs and my father but I don’t know.. I didn’t know my mom and dad might have been the ones to start it.. with her.. like WHATTTTT


Life is crazy … people are crazy..

it is sad

and sometimes happy but my gosh.. 🙁

it felt good to write.. haha

even tho I kinda just gossiped.. maybe.. idk lol

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  1. Hey. I just wanted you to know that someone is reading your posts and following along with your stories. I was really intrigued by your first post and I am so incredibly sorry for everything that you have been through and are still going through.
    I will be following your posts and reading to check up and see how you are doing.
    I look forward to hearing more from you.

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