Working Things Out

I am trying my best to be the best mom I can be. I’m trying to work things out with my family even when they ignore me. They all have lives to care for. I do too. But at least I have time to call someone and have a conversation. Trying to work things out with your family is a blessing. It won’t hurt to call or visit someone. Make things work out the way they should be. Keeping up with the positive family in this world. Cause nobody will understand what I go through of being a single mom. Everyone that I know of, has a boyfriend or a husband to help them take care of their children. I don’t. All I have is my mom and myself.

2 thoughts on “Working Things Out”

  1. Sweetheart, I hear how alone you feel sometimes. You are right to stay connected with your family. My daughter is divorced and alone raising two autistic boys. We try to help her a lot. They are beautiful boys, inside and out. I bet your child is a darling. I hope he or she brings you a lot of joy. Keep on keeping on. Stay close to God. He will never, never abandon you. He will be your closest friend. I promise. Love to you from a grandma.

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