Yeah… I’m the DUFF…

     My best friend and I go to a couple of different cafes whenever we need to chill for an hour or so. Every single time we go to any of them, I notice the guys gawking at her and almost drooling as they stand… and sometimes follow (her) for sometime. Once we reach our table, which is in the smokers section… the non smokers would get up on default and just sit somewhere close to us. We both ignore these things cause we always have something important to talk about…

    There are times (for me) when its hard to ignore. Times like when I am just taking a glance to my left, and see a guy starring at her in awe… which makes me turn back quickly and listen to my own inner thoughts, just criticizing me. Sometimes these thoughts go like “Why are you even walking and sitting next to her? They don’t want to see you, they want to look at her! When they glance at you they immediately turn away… can’t you see? Your own presence with her is out of balance!”

     She tells me stories of whenever she is sitting alone or somewhere, guys hover around and be all flirty… sometimes creepy, too. I thought I would give that a go…. so I went a few times on my own to a decent coffee place, with no book to read so I don’t give the impression that i am busy or something… and the only glances I get are from the waiters, to check if I need a new coffee refill. 

     Hey… not everything works for everyone, right? Even though I feel a bit sad that I am less attractive, but I cant help but feel proud of myself. I am an artist with an interior design degree… who is also job hunting, haha… but still, I do like who I am. I may feel sad every now and then, but I convince myself every time that I dont need to be loved, or have some handsome guy be magically interested in me. 

     I don’t need that… I guess I’m good. Yeah… I’m the DUFF…

3 thoughts on “Yeah… I’m the DUFF…”

  1. Hey, you shouldn’t beat yourself up on this. What matters is what’s in your heart. Maybe your friend is attractive, it doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive also. You see, when men are drooling over a woman they don’t know, they’re drooling over their physical features not who the person truly is. You are a strong, empowered, smart and independent woman. You don’t need a man to tell you that you’re beautiful. The right person will see your beauty inside and out. So don’t worry about that dearie 🙂 feel good about yourself, feel good that you’re being saved from heartbreak so that you can appreciate your soul mate whenever he arrives. Wish ya the best.

  2. You DO need to be loved. By YOU! Do that first and you will be amazed at what happens. The good in your life becomes great. The “bad” in your life becomes trivial. Love and light to you my dear!

  3. Thank you all for these kind words, I highly appreciate it.

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