Failed again?

Well we all fail right? So what would you do if you fail? Cry? Bang your head? Sleep?

But will you give up?

Hardly anyone will. Right?

That’s why humans have suceeded such great heights!
Because they didn’t give up.
They tried anything and everything to make the world a place for their living.

Yeah! I know this made them selfish too.

But, as the quote says- Bad people do have something good in them, learn that and walk on!

So yes, today is the first time in my life my brother came to me because he failed again! He is tired of all the stress!

And what did I say?

“When you are up to something, think of all the possibilities that you will land on, then you have to go for a single try but if you are focussing on only one of those possibilities, then you have to be ready for multiple tries”

Ya! Thats what I think..

Because even I have made up my mind in that way!

Never compromise with your dreams. Because of them you have the will to live.

Keep going, bro!
I know you can do it!
I know it’s hard for you to go through all the demotivation from everywhere but your sister believes in you!
She doesn’t show it though 😛

I know you can do it!

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