I’m Not Normal

Is everyone normal? Cause I don’t think I am. I’m different from other people. I’m the insider person that no one sees in front of them. People see me as a normal person but deep inside I don’t think I am. Because everywhere I go I fee like I’m not welcome anywhere. My family should know how I feel when they ignore me and when they don’t think of me when I’m not around. All my life I feel like nobody loves me. People shouldn’t love you for what you have, they should love you for who you are as a person inside and out. I need my life to be a lot much better than it is now. Like I said, I’m NOT normal.

3 thoughts on “I’m Not Normal”

  1. I’m sorry that you feel unwanted and unwelcome. Those are tough emotions to deal with. May I make a suggestion? Screw them (nicely). Yes, acceptance is important, but rather than getting what you need out of those relationships it’s leaving you feeling down on yourself. Find a place where you do feel cared about (friends, support group, whatever setting you feel comfortable in). Put your energy and love into that instead. Try not to hold a grudge against your family though, they might be wrapped up in other things to realize that their attitude has hurt you. I hope you find something that fills you up and makes you feel special!

  2. Not normal is good. You know this all to well. The issue is not you not being normal the issue is you having no one to share your abnormalities with. Humans are social creatures so when one is separated from the rest this causes distress and longing for another. Obviously you for sure know this and it wont help much. Nothing more than a truism.

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