Lazy Sunday

So tired today. I just couldn’t stay awake after church. I slept for several hours I think, I really don’t even know what time I laid down I was so out of it. I felt bad that I couldn’t stay awake for sunshine after being so busy yesterday and not giving her as much attention as I would have liked to. I was hoping to make up for some of that today but had to sleep. She has been so understanding. Wwe have a lifetime to get to know each other and talk but I still missed her.

The last two days we have not talked as much D/s wise but more just normal life. I still have so much more I want to know about her. I need to know everything. I can’t take her to where she wants to go if I don’t know where she has been.

Tonight has been the Super Bowl. Glad I didn’t invite anyone since I’m so tired. Go Bronco’s.

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