Missed the bus :(

I ended up missing the bus so im going to go at 5pm .. you have to be there a hour early.. something was wrong with my mom she was crying and stuff not because of me she has bipolar and other mental problems.. I don’t know exactly what.. but she has tried to kill herself and stuff.. and also she has a messed up arm from one of her suicide attempts she is on disability because it causes her pain and she has other body problems..

so she was crying and I cant stand when she crys it bothers me.. like grrr be happy.

but now im at my cousins and we are here with baby shaun .. btw baby shaun is my brothers baby .. he is 1 im pretty sure..

he is adorable curly hair and pretty eyes..

we are waiting till 5 till she has to drop me off.. but she would go back but cant because not enough gas but yeah.

so we are all spending time together..

fam fam time 🙂



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