New lunch?

So I’m actually fairly happy. My friend and I do our honors math together and today she started before me and she said that the homework for today was fairly easy. We’ve been having really hard homework lately and it’s nice to have easy homework for once. I know what today’s homework is but I haven’t started. It’s not hard but it just takes a crap ton of time to do each problem.

I told yall a while ago that my brother bought a truck and he had to buy a school parking pass. So I no longer have to ride the bus in the afternoon. That makes me sooo happy because I get home much earlier than I would have while riding the bus.

My school stated a new thing for lunch. Instead of having 30 minutes for lunch they are giving us a full hour. Within that hour we can do whatever we want to do. I could bring my laptop to school and just kick my feet up and listen to music while writing. I don’t think I want to take my laptop to school though just because it’s fairly expensive. But yea, we are the only school around here that is doing it. I didn’t do much today during that free time but hang out with somebody and play the piano.

So not much else happened today besides that. I will keep yall updated tomorrow.

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