Smile :)

So yesterday I went to the jail with my younger cousin Skylar and Cierra and their grandmother.. we saw Allen their brother my older cousin.. he is in there because he did some really bad things.. like he stole and just blah.. but he is soooo freaking smart like school smart like great grades and all that but they kicked him out because they smelled weed in his car he didn’t even have it in there.. like that is so stupid.. he was going to graduate with the highest high thingy.. but yeah we saw him and his friend Libby was there she has been his friend since forever she cried that was her first vistit to him.. same with me.. and he asked me for his birthday to print off some songs but I cant because his mom had them and hasn’t been home so I couldn’t get them from her.. and im leaving to go to my dads.. for a week.. but Skylar loved talking to him and Cierra didn’t talk to him just sat there wouldn’t even tell him happy birthday.. honestly I think she is sad and mad at him .. Cierra is very much mature for her age I think more then Skylar .. Skylar is kinda like the little sibling even tho he is big and she is small. But when we were leaving their grandmother got them a jaw breaker from the little machine.. and we went back to Christies..

On the way there Cierra told me that she wouldn’t want to break her jaw but her arm so she wouldn’t have to go to school.. I asked her what the difference was and she said she would have to go to the hospital meaning no school.. that is really sad like I was like her I cant really remember her age but yeah.. I couldn’t believe she said that.. even tho im pretty sure if she broke her jaw she would have to go to the hospital… so I am going to tell her that next time I see her… maybe I don’t think I should never mind..

But I wish they liked school like I use to hate school just like them but now I want to learn sooo much I miss it.. and it sucks.

When we got back home I cleaned and they played on their devices and watched tv I know they always play on them but it is freezing outside and I don’t know what to play with them.. any advice for when I return?

before they left for the bus for school I told them I would miss them sooo much and that I love them and I would see them in a week.

I really hope that their mom gets it back together..

Christies  mom told me she didn’t know what she was going to do when I left.. I think it is my fault because she has someone to watch her kids when she leaves.. it is sad and I wish I could make things all better.. so im leaving for a week to my dads to see if she starts staying home she will she wouldn’t leave the children alone..

I don’t like my dad he scares me.. but I should be seeing Cathy his girlfriend thingy and my friend Sam..

I have never meant Sam before but she has been my online friend for like six months now so I am really excited and we might go to the zoo and I might spend the night..

but im sitting here waiting for my mom to pick me up and bring me to the bus station.. im taking the bus to my fathers..

Im happy he actually is paying for it and stuff.. thanks dad for that.

yup so goodbye until next time(probably on the bus)

also last night I slept horrible but at least im sleeping now days


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