When Books become Movies

Just finished reading Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You novel, and I have to say it was really a good read. Exciting plot, heart-felt moments, thought provoking inquiries.

I started this book a little while back but haven’t finished it because I could only read a few chapters before sleep claims me. Imagine my surprise when one day I opened my facebook, and saw its trailer. And it was not just like any other random film, a lot of my friends were actually sharing it in their pages and talking about watching it.

Well, I can’t really blame them. It has a good story plot, not just your typical guy-meets-girl-they- fall-in-love one. Lou ended up being a carer of a quadraplegic Will, who has an uncanny ability to be sarcastic and endearing at the same time.

I hope the movie can give the book justice. Will surely see this on the big screen.

Mirror Me

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