No kindness in you, the one with (supposedly) more knowledge
You stick up your nose as you push others over the edge
You’re such an ace at being snarky
and we’re just too stupid and dull to you, aren’t we?

No compassion in your words
just more curses
Being ‘holier-than-thou’ has reached another level
Go ahead, treat us as if we’re just the work of the devil

No mercy and forgiveness
Have you no patience?
Well, you’re also only human
but with more ability and nerves to condemn

No more of this
Each of us goes through a different phase
Yeah, it’s hard to catch up with you; we must be at a much slower pace
and you think you have any rights to put us in disgrace

Be kind, be compassionate
Be merciful, be forgiving
This world is already full of hate
Why don’t we just stop fighting?


(Jakarta, 9/2/2016 – 8:00 am)

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