Some times I like to look back through my old journal entries. It’s fun to revisit my past and reminisce. So this entry is an update of what life is like in my house right now, what interests I have, and so on. Just to warn anyone reading, I’m probably going to babble quite a bit.

Today is cold, but not as cold as it would be if I still lived up North

Today my favorite song is “Crossroads” by Avenge Sevenfold

Recently I got the kid’s progress reports. Out of the three, Snoochie got the highest marks although the other 2 received approving marks as well. I’m proud of all 3.

I burned my arm at work tonight. It’s stinging me even as I type.

I just finished Vikings seasons 1 – 3. I can’t wait for the next season to come out! My favorite character is Floki and the trend has been for The Man and me to mimic him.

Yesterday was the Super bowl and the Broncos won. I could care less.

I’m addicting to Cooking Fever (it’s a game). I intend to download World Chef next.

I’ve fallen of the horse, so to speak. My diet has been terrible lately. I need a kick in the pants.

Toothless and Jake are bff’s today. It’s super cute. Could it be possible that she’s finally warming up to the kittens?

The Man bought me a huge heart shaped box full of delectable chocolates. I’m in love.

I’m planning on dyeing my hair. I want to go blond.

I think that’s probably enough to say for tonight


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